Any Lonnie dealers out there?

I am looking to partner up with some “Lonnie Dealers” in AZ, TX, NM, FLA to structure some deals for CA investors.

I am looking for someone in each territory mentioned above, must be experienced in completing Lonnie Deals and structuring investor notes. Looking for a long term partnership to facilitate more deals and build business together.

Emmanuel -

I manage a property in the Oklahoma City area. We have many of the same appealing economic characteristics as Texas. Please contact me; I’ve got some notes currently that I’d be willing to sell-off, and/or have you bring new homes into my community and I’d service the notes for you.



Please email me and lets talk. I live in the Dallas, TX area.

My name is James and my number is 214.679.0478

If you’re looking for Lonnie Deals, and don’t look in NC or SC, you’re missing some great opportunities. I have done about 40 deals out here.

Please contact me at

I have found a park thats looking for Lonnie Dealers. She has several that need rehab, some that have been repossesed and need someone to work them in a bad way. Their lot rent is $220 a month, but will let us have it for free, just to get the houses fixed up and sold. Also, she talked about giving us some kick back off the lot rent for the ones we sold. They are trying to be very creative to keep their lots full.