Any Ideas?

There is a small town of 1900 about 20 miles east of me which has seen some overbuilding. There are lots all over town in the $5k-8k range. They are usually 50 ft wide and have city water & sewer available. My realtor found a deal: two 50 ft lots for sale for $7k apiece but the realtor said to make an offer as the seller was very motivated. I offered $3k for both & they took it. My idea is to put a doublewide with a permanent foundation on each of the non-adjacent lots.

Fortunately my realtor is smart: she put a clause in the contract to check for local ordinances relating to lots & structures. She found several that are very ambiguous. They do not want singlewides in town, certainly understandable, but they don’t seem to want doublewides either. It seems that you can’t turn the home sideways as you would to place a 28 x 48 dw on a 50 ft lot.

Even the town officials are confused. They said to fill out the papers for a variance & send it through. I will do that tomorrow but if this does not work I will be disappointed, especially since $1500/lot seems really cheap.

Can anyone think of any other use for the lots? Building a house seems out. Even at $60/sq ft a small 1000 ft house would cost $60,000 & that is just about market value for that street full of small, old homes.

I am open to any ideas.



Several Manufacturers of DWs make the entryway on the short side of the home. These are harder to find used but they are out there. That way you could still do a DW with the entrance facing the street as most zoning boards prefer.


Wow, I never knew that. I will talk to my local dealer about a used one. He may know of one. And I will search the net also.

Thank You