Another networking story

Had a call this morning from an investor from NC. She has a unique rental property that is two mobiles connected at one end forming an L in shape. She wants to make a duplex out of this…live in one and rent the other. We kicked around different ideas, two water heaters? or enlarge the one and have it feed both homes? Add electric into rent? on demand water heater?

What makes this kinda cool is one of my very best rehabbers came in to get a Lowe’s check and I put Phil on the phone with her. He explained the advantages of each idea, they discussed PEX vs CPVC, he estimated labor on all work needed…all with a phone call. This kind of experienced advise is Priceless.

Geography is less important than a good cell phone and a contact list. I had some ideas about L/O vs straight rent and the real kicker came at the end of the call. She thanked Phil and asked him for his cell number! He said she can call him any time.

Smart lady…


Great example on how well this community works together to help people solve problems. As I often tell people, “all you have to do is ask” and someone will answer your questions.

I’d sure love to see a picture of this L shaped home when it is totally completed. This post gave me an idea of putting three homes together and forming a U-shaped triplex :-).


together and have a four plex with courtyard! LOL…the possibilities are endless.

I give out tons of cards (as do you) and I like getting these kinds of calls. I also call lots of folks from this and CRE forum.

We are all still learning…



The apartments across the street from Alamar, Ventura (formerly part of Alamar) was full of mobile in pairs configured the way that you describe, there may have been a few that were 3 together. Call Kevin, he can likely tell you how(I know you miss him already) they wer done.

Nice network match maker play.