Amazing forum!

Hello to all :slight_smile:

What a great place to learn about the MFH industry! I truly enjoy reading through the posts, it’s wonderful to have so much knowledge and experience in one place. Even better yet… the site is accessible to the public!

I am a Realtor currently living in Michigan. I have worked in the manufactured housing industry on the sales side of the business since I was 19. I sell real estate on a part time basis, but focus on assisting community owners increase their occupancy in distressed communities. I have been very successful in this industry and currently considering obtaining a manufactured housing brokers license. At some point I might even considering taking the plunge into property ownership.

I came across this site by complete accident but am truly glad I found it!

Welcome. We’re glad you found us!

Welcome! You are right, there’s a wealth of information on this forum.

I own two communities in Michigan, so let me know if you want to network or discuss opportunities.

Take care,

Robbie Mosher

Thank you Robbie,

I would love to network. Where are your communities located?


Jamie, I just sent you a PM.

Jamie -

Welcome. I have two communities in Michigan under contract. I welcome more deal flow from that state (and other midwestern states), so feel free to send me properties you may have for sale now or in the future.



BTW, we call it the ‘MHP’ industry, not ‘MFH.’