Am I being overcharged for water?

My park is in OH and has a master meter. I own the distribution mains and laterals and am the only one who gets a bill. It turns out that the Village is charging us a minimum water/sewer usage charge for each vacant lot. This is what they do in the town for a vacant home where their system connects directly to the home. I understand that, but I fail to understand how they can do this where their infrastructure ends at their meter. Has anyone else experienced such a situation?


If they charge per lot then they should also maintain the lines and put in meters for each of them. Are they providing trash service or something ancillary to justify it? Otherwise I’d get a utilities or muni attorney involved for counsel - for both vacant and occupied lots.

I haven’t been through this, but it doesn’t seem fair.

The Village only provides snow removal and nothing else.

We are digging into this because as you noted it doesn’t seem fair. I’d be happy to pay these fees for vacant lots if they took over my water system and the billing for it.

You might try to talk to the water billing manager directly for the village and ask. They might just negotiate it with you so they handle it, or explain to you how to get that accomplished.