Allowing RV to fill a mobile home spot

We are allowed by the city to fill our lots with mobile homes or RV’s. I have an empty spot and an applicant who would like to bring in an RV for a year. Is this something that you would allow? Thanks!!

Year’s lease, normal deposit, normal rent, why not? When you go to sell, remember that the bank won’t include the RV rental income in the park’s income as they can be towed off in the night compared to a MH.

I’d do it. 20 characters.

I have a park with a mix of long-term RV renters and mobile homes. No one is on a lease. All month to month. Same rates for all lots. I am in the process (SLOWLY) of trying to fill in with all mobile homes and preferably ones that I seller financed. I am in the process of seeking a bank loan to do that and found the only reason the bank is talking to me is because I am converting to mobile homes only. But as far as RV vs Mobile Home renters… same difference as far as I was concerned. But they are easier to move and I have had one or more disappear in the middle of the night. DEFINITELY get a deposit to cover lot clean up or any utilities that you sub-meter and make sure all the hookups stay in good working order at all times. Some RV owners (especially new ones) do not understand how they work. Also… the hookups are different on your end… so when I upgrade my power stands I have installed for both boxes.