Alabama Park Question

Anyone here own a park in AL, mine will be in Milbrook and I am looking for information on rules/reg’s that pertain to what I am required to do as the owner. Like, am I req to provide trash can’s or do the renters pay for the service if they want it? Please help…


Alabama landlording as it applies to mobile home parks changed on January 1. We have found that there is a lot you can do there that cannot be done in Florida. Our park has been paying for trash removal because we inherited it as such. It is included with water being billed by the City. Our tenants have been properly notified that they must open their own accounts with the City by January 30 because water (and garabage) is their responsibility as of February 1.

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Hey, Mike

We have recently purchased a small park in Chilton Co. don’t know all the ins and outs yet. Being out in the county there doesn’t seem to be a lot of stringent regs. As Ellen said, there has been a new landlord tenant act ,which took effect Jan 1 2007. We live north of Prattville and are interested in networking with other like minded investors.