After MOM Athens GA

I want to thank everyone for the 2 great days of information at MOM. I personally always learn something new and I enjoy visiting with my new group of investment friends. For those of you that are on the edge of entering the world of financial freedom I will say there is a very fine line between fear and success. The energy felt on the fear side of the line will double on the success side if you just make the move over. The world is yours once you make the step and the extra energy will propel you to more success. I have been gone for 4 days from my office and when I arrived this morning to see the 50+ deposits placed in my bank from my investments I realized how free I am and how much more I want to keep doing more deals.

Best of Luck

Rick Ewens

I’ve been to only three of the MOM’s, but in my opinion this one was, by far, the best! Not only was it motivational (as usual) but I picked up several small tips that will really make a difference in my business.

Many thanks to Greg (as well as Daphne, John, David, Anne) for hosting this meeting, and for all who spoke as well.

Jeff (MI)

Well, this was my first and I was more than pleased with the event and the format. It was nice to reconnect with some friends, and make new ones.

I don’t think I can say in words the gratitude that I feel towards the following people:

Greg - for creating a forum where current park owners (and owners in waiting) can share ideas and encourage each other. I hope that even though you are stepping aside from putting these events on that you will still be a participant.

Daphne & her dad - for sharing their park and the travails they faced. You are more courageous than I and I salute your resilience and perseverance!

David Protiva - also for sharing his park and for the nice tour of the town (even if it was unintended!).

Mark & Sheri - for inspiring me to think about improving the external appearance of the park that I eventually own. What a good looking park!

Alexander & Bernd - what can I say. You have inspired me to revisit my relationship with my children and to aspire for more. Alexander…keep at it and we’ll be reading of you in Fortune magazine one day!

Eli - for creating focus in my searches and expectation.

Rick Ewens - for your passion and inspiration. Truly motivating.

I was sorry to leave early on Saturday, but I had to make a run to Atlanta to look at a property with an associate.

I look forward to next year’s MOM. I hope to one day have a park that I can host the event at soon!

Since I left early I was unable to put my information down on the sheet. I’ll leave my e-mail here and hope that I can get that list back since I would like to stay in touch with several of you.

PS A few of you mentioned that you had been reading my blog ( and have inspired me to continue. I didn’t think anyone was following it. I’ll get back on it. Thanks for the kind words.

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Kudos to Greg. Without his determination to put these MOMs together the HUGE success of this one in Athens would not have been possible. Thank you Greg. I flew in from Seattle and feel that every minute was worth the trip.

I have only recently focused on MHP investing and the MHM6 in Austin was my first event. I wish I found this group earlier but just feel fortunate to be participating. It was great to see the people again from the Austin event and meet tons of new people already having huge success in this industry.

Thank you to all the people that took their time and opened up their parks for us to view. If a pic is worth a thousand words then that opportunity was just invaluable. The speakers all did an awesome job and I have tons of notes from all of them. I look forward to the next MOM where ever that may be.