Affordable Housing

Thought this was an interesting article. Frank talks about the need for affordable housing and how that translates to MHP’s. Looks like the demand will keep growing for the lower income.


Thanks for posting that article, I also read that one. I’m betting you’ll see more of these type of articles due to one overwhelming reason: there are 10,000 baby boomers retiring PER DAY for the next 10 years or so, on an average social security income of $14,000 per year. These people are much more vocal and well-connected than the folks working minimum wage at Taco Bell, and they are going to quickly learn how the government has ignored the lower income part of America for many years and start really pushing for reform. I hate the way that America has ended up in decline, but you can’t solve the problem by avoiding it, and this problem is going to grow exponentially. There is a great Warren Buffet video on “household formation” that you can also find on Youtube, talking about the fact that the nation has ignored the fact that young people cannot find affordable housing at this point. When I first got in the mobile home park business, a mom & pop told me that our business caters to the “newly wed and the nearly dead”. In many ways, they had great vision, as that’s basically true, and the demand for those two segments is soaring.