Affidavit of fact for abandonment

Hi again all,

I have a question regarding abandoned property within our mobile home park. From my knowledge, after 4 months of non-occupancy, we as owners of the real property have the right to file for an AFFIDAVIT OF FACT FOR ABANDONMENT. This needs to be filed by certified mail to the Texas Department of Housing and Community affairs, as well as any Lien holders and the owners of the property. If this is all correct, after taking possession do I also assume responsibility for the remainder of any liens (Tax liens, Mortgage etc).

Thanks for any info


In Texas, to the best of my knowledge, if the TDHCA shows no tax liens or mortgages, you will own the home free and clear once you comply with the appropriate procedure, which is to notify the owner of record (listed at the TDHCA website) and the lienholder of record (and tax-lien of record, etc).

If there are mortgagees then you have to notify them (via certified mail, etc) and they have a chance to come grab the home before you can claim it.

See and put the home information - the result will list any mortgage liens and current or prior tax liens.

Thank you so much for replying Brandon, the input is very appreciated! I was actually able to get a hold of the delinquency attorney for the county and you were absolutely correct.