I am about to close my first “lonnie deal” tomorrow. I have a sign - For Sale WILL FINANCE - with my phone number on it for the window and I am going to see if the church across the street will let me post a flyer on their bulliten board. What are some other good ways to advertise the home is for sale so I can try and get quick responses from potential buyers?

It can really vary per region but the local penny saver type publication is usually the best way. These are usually free publications for people to pick up at all the local convenience stores, etc. These are usually the best to reach our type of customers and the ads are usually the lowest priced. Other possible ad routes would be craigslist, regular newspaper (only recomend if no penny saver), and don’t forget ONE BIGGIE… Word of mouth. Let everyone know you will pay a referal for a home sold. I pay $100 referal fee and have gotten over half my buyers this way.