Advertising with Postcards

Frank, Dave, and everybody else,

Hi there. This is Mark Hopkins in Utah. I’ve been working on a mobile home postcard campaign to try to find parks to buy and wanted to get your take on it. I first targeted Evanston WY because I know the area and like it. I sent out these postcards (see the jpg file). Most of the postcards came back with a note from the post office saying:

Return to Sender

Attempted - Not Known

Unable to Forward

I got the list of Wyoming mobile home parks from

So my question is twofold:

  1. Is this the best list to use or do you have any advice about how to go about getting a better list of addresses for mobile home parks in a certain area (my next area to target is Kansas)?

  2. Is there anything I can improve on the postcard? (please see both jpeg images of the front and back of it) (I was thinking about putting “Attention: Office” before the address)


Mark Hopkins