Advertising questions

When I advertise anything regarding financing available on homes for sale in my mhp, I get good response to my ad, but none of the respondents that apply are either able to be approved to live here, or not interested in abiding by the Rules and Regulations of the lot lease. What I have sold have been customers that either pay cash or borrow from local banks, as you might imagine, I want to fill lots at a faster pace - and keep high standards. any advertising suggestions?

Who is your desired audience? Target your advertising to them directly. If its folks living in XYZ Apartments, send out a mailer or do door hangers. If its people working for ABC Manufacturing, talk to the personnel department and get permission to distribute flyers. If its old folks on fixed income, go to the SS office, VA, churches, etc.

Effective marketing can be distilled into two words: define and find.