Advertising Homes for Sale

If you have several homes available, do you have better luck running a general ad for your park saying you have multiple homes to pick from or do you put in a specific ad for each home? One of my site managers is telling me she wants to wait until several homes are rehabbed before she advertises, so that people will have more choices when they com eout to look. Meanwhile we have a home sitting there ready for move in not being advertised. Makes no sense to me. I say as soon as a home is ready get it advertised and sold. Any opinions?



We sell ours as they come available. I dont like having turn key homes just sitting there with nobody living in them. If someone comes out and isnt interested in that specific home then we tell them what we have coming available in the next month and to check back with us.

We put them up for sale right away, and we use 4 or 5 rotating ads. So we always have 4 -5 ads for the same home, or set of homes and we take the oldest and repost it each day. So every day there is a ad hitting craigslist. We also do some newspaper ads if we have more than a few homes sitting.

I believe the newspaper is a great spot for ads and catches a segment of people that do not have internet access. That said- we only use it if we are not getting response from the free ads we create on craigslist.