Advanced Communication Tool- Tracking your park

In our office we manage 5 parks, a bunch of lonnie deals, single family rentals and some commercial rentals as well. As I got going in the business I found email was ok, but at times hard to track. Even with folders etc, if there was more than two people in the conversation, something got missed. So… tucked out of the public eye, we operate a forum. Each park has its own mini forum, and we track rehabs, sales of homes and park operations. My admin and I also have some private parts to track other day to day stuff. So when something is asked, or tasked- we know everyone is on the same page.

Right now we are building a private Android app… so if the managers have a PDA they have access- and both my admin and I can post or read on the fly. There are some forum readers, but we wanted some functions that needed some additional code in the program one only gets by owning the forum.

So I used Vbulletin as my platform, and added the mobile suite for the android/iphone app. I am sure there are less expencive options. and probably one could use a private yahoo or google group to do much of the same stuff.

Our office is all about automation and productivity through technology.

Before you ask… I did not do any of the web development stuff. We hired it out through Odesk.