Absentee Ownership Question

I have spent the last couple months researching mobile home park investments, and have also read the 10/20 Investment System book by Frank and Dave. It was a great read and very educational. I live in northern Illinois and am looking at beginning to invest in mobile home parks part-time for now, with the hope of growing it to more of a full-time business. I have found a few parks for sale on mhps.com that have been of interest. However, these are typically 3-5 hours away from where I live. If I target mobile home parks that do not have any park-owned homes, would it still be a mistake to be more of an absentee owner? I just want to make sure that I don’t have this investment and it either falls apart due to the distance, or I’m constantly being required to make long drives/trips. Any thoughts/tips you have would be great. Thank you and keep up the great work with this site.