Absentee "Lonnie Deals"

I am wanting to attempt “Lonnie Deals” while stationed abroad. I have a few questions that hopefully, others may be able to answer:

Does anyone know how one would convert a mobile home from real property back into personal property? (ie, I would like to keep the land and owner finance the mobile).

Has anyone had any experience with Note Servicing companies? Being abroad, I believe it would be in my interest to hire a company for this; or possible setting up a deposit only account at a bank w/ preprinted deposit slips.

I am really open to any area of the country, since I’m currently abroad; however, at this time I am thinking of Louisiana or Georgia. Does anyone have any experience or recommendations with either of these states that they would like to share?

Thank you for all of your responses, and any other info you would like to provide (or feel would be pertient).