Abandoned POH disputes

Did the seller indemnify you? Did they warrant good title? If so, you should be okay because any title problem will become their problem - i would direct the haters to your seller.

If not, you need to go through the state abandonment act. Just because you have a bill of sale doesn’t mean you bought it legitimately.

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This issue is making some good progress. The seller’s title was actually pending. She agreed to help me in anyway possible to transfer the title. If all fails, I will start the abandonment process again and apply for title.

What happened with the troublemaker(s) though?

He’s still there. He won’t go away until I obtain title. Then it will be the end of this story.

The home is super distressed. He’s not making money from it, he can’t live in it. I don’t know why he’s holding on to it honestly. It’s a losing game for him as he does not own the land.