Abandoned Home Process in MO

I purchases a MHP and have inherited several abandoned homes due to death of the tenant. The previous owner of the MHP did nothing with the homes. As the new owner of the MHP I would like to claim the homes. Would anyone have a suggested starting place to begin this process? (Homes have been abandoned for over a year. )

I have a couple family members I could contact; however, I’m not sure if I should contact them for the title or begin the abandonment process.

Any advice would be of great value.

Thank you,

I have recently had this same issue in MO. I just hired my eviction attorney to go through the process of filing for abandoned title. It’ll probably cost me $500-800 of his time per home, but it was less of a headache than me trying to figure out the process and then going through it myself.


I am going through the legal process right now. Yes, $500 - $800 is the correct cost range. An attorney has to file a petition for title. You may have to pay for a public notice, etc. An attorney can fill you in on the process. I would only go through the process if you are going to sell or rent the home.

Alternatively, if you can find the title holder and get a bill of sale from him or her then that would cut down on the cost of the court proceeding or maybe avoid it all together. If you meet certain criteria, you can send a form to MO DOR and they will provide ownership information on the home.