A shameless plug for ista-na

I noticed ista-na is doing a banner ad on the site. I use them now and could not possiblly be happier. Previously, I used a well-known utility billing company in AZ (we all know who I’m talking about) and it was a nightmare. Nothing but mistakes all the time and they finally told me to take my business elsewhere if I didn’t like it. So I did. I checked out a whole bunch of companies and ista-na seemed to offer the best package. Ista-na pretty much solved all my problems and even the residents like using them. I only pay a little over $3 per unit but the work and time they have saved me makes up for this charge many times over.

Have to boast for a moment. I pretty much have a 100% collection by the 7th of every month. A couple of people pay late but they do this every month and I happily charge them a $50 late fee. I truly believe part of the reason I have such a collection rate is ista-na makes it really easy to pay their bill. There is simply no excuse they can use for not paying.

Give me a yell if you want specifics.


Wheat Hill