A ride thru a park

Hi as this is my first post, I am from the Pittsburgh Pa area. My question is and would like your thoughts and input on this. I have taken a look at a mobile home park 70 units that was,is for sale.Recently I have been driving the area and found the roads are full of pot holes and look like they have not been maintained in years. Some are very deep and it is hard to miss one on any st you drive on in the park. There seems to be some very old homes that look like they have been abandoned,no skirting no power to homes no awnings or porches. The trees are growing so high that I have noticed they are now pushing the power wires and utility lines up with the growth.Then there are trees with broken branches everywhere and just hanging. There are two out buildings that look like they are the maintenance garage or supply rooms. They have trash and debris that they look like a dumping ground. Recently I decided to take another drive thru the area with my partner and saw a few people walking and asked how they liked living there. The answer surprised me. There seems to be a lack of maintenance and only 1 person who does it and is up in age. They said we have to write a letter and it still never gets done that it has to go to the main office. I asked if they own their home or just rent. Was told they just rent but also have to pay lot rent.I left the issue go and kindly thanked them, (yes I know it was wrong to ask) My question is should I ask for the maintenance records or what major thing is done? This place looked horrible and like it was a low end mhp. How should I aproach owner or go about the things I see in the open? I hope I made sense out of the things I said and asked. I do have pictures I can post if that would be of any assistance.