A Response to Tony Colella

Tony, my friend,

I am responding to your last couple of posts on CRE on this site because I prefer its format and its atmosphere. Also, instead of private e-mail, our open discussion may be of benefit to someone or stimulate the expression of other views based on evidence.

I believe that your concern about the appropriateness of your thoughts is unwarranted. The owners of both sites are intelligent, experienced investors who know your ideas are germane, and who also face the same daunting challenges we are all exposed to. What would CRE be without you, the knowledgeable, faithful Shawn, the analytical mind of Dr. B., the unsinkable Anne, or our own empire-building Linn? And if you are still not convinced about the fundamentally most pertinent issues facing our MH business, review your thoughts with one of the CRE moderators. I understand that they are a class act.

BANKS: I have a sadistic character flaw, because I get genuine pleasure from figuratively and privately offering the Italian salute to bankers who don

Thank you for a well written post Bernd.

Thanks Bernd for your response. I am always interested in your perspective on such matters. I was quite disappointed that you were unable to attend Ryan’s event in Morganton. I had hoped to discuss these topics in person. I hope all is well with you and hello to Alexander.

Hope to see you two in person this coming year.