A question of liabilty and responsibility

i am an ex-mobile home owner who sold his mobile home in august for $5,000. Tonight i received a phone call from the mobile home park telling me my rent check for January had bounced. i explained that i no longer owned the home and it took a few minutes for the park manager to realize what i was talking about.

when i sold the home i was supposed to fix 3-4 pieces of skirting, put a coat of paint on the small shed to cover a rusty top, and power wash one side of the home. I no longer lived in the same town the home is located in and it would have been an inconvenience to fix these things just to sell. i told the buyer that he needed to fix these things and he agreed. he filled out all the paperwork with the park, passed the background check etc, but the manager of the park told his secretary to not take my name off the account just then because he wanted to see if anything would be down about the skirting, etc (its ARC policy). anyways the park manager didn’t say anything to anyone about the appearances issues not being fixed until the January check bounced.

he proceeded to tell me the following:

he’s telling me that since he never switched over the computer files that its still my problem that the skirting, etc wasn’t fixed, and more importantly, that it would go on my credit record that the check bounced and any subsequent charges, late rent, fees, and lord forbid, eviction, moving, and storage costs would go on my credit record. keep in mind i don’t own the home.

i am just wondering what my responsibilities and liabilities are.

  1. the buyer agreed to fix the minor appearance issues.

  2. the buyer is liable for the rent payments (i sure hope so…i mean, he owns the home not me.).

  3. i cannot legally fix the home because i would be both tresspassing and in violation of destruction of property.

is the only thing the park manager can do to me legally is report this on my credit report. or am i liable for any rent and/or fees. is he just harassing me to see about getting the skirting, etc fixed? its seems to me they just want their money, and they’re going to bother as many people as the can to get it, but are they legally allowed to harass me at all?

and if the new owner does go ahead and pay his rent and bounced check fees, but doesn’t fix the skirting, etc, can they still keep my name on the file as being liable for this stuff?

thanks so much for any help, i guess its worth mentioning that the mobile home is a well kept 74 lynwood, when i moved in i replaced all the flooring clear down to the frame, as well as many other improvements. so its in good shape really. the thing that pisses me off the most, its a park full of old mobile homes and many many many homes have visibly worse exteriors than my own. thanks again.