A political question and MHPs

So i see a change coming in November of this year and a similar change in a couple of years, but I thought the same thing this past election … You really never know

Will these changes affect the industry , I know there will always be a need for affordable housing and this will continue the supply and demand equation, but does anyone see any legislature changes that may occur

So no discussing politics, is that an unwritten rule

I suppose no-one has answered because reading the future political or regulatory climate is like reading tea leaves.But I’ll throw this out there, it’s just for a laugh.  Stop me if you’ve heard it before:You know, the word “politics” is from a Greek root consisting of the word “poly” meaning “many” and “ticks” meaning “bloodsucking parasites.”

I really do not think the party has much affect, wrote this as I watched about the fast food worker protest

Think of ways to profit from a flood of Mexicans with government money,
you may need bilingual managers.
get your park rules and advertising translated to Mexican my friend.
free tacos on Cinco De Mayo, Chihauhaus welcome.