A harbinger of things to come?

I’ve been watching something unfold for the past couple of months that could be indicative of things to come. I don’t know what it means, if anything, but I thought it worth posting.

There is a sales lot several miles from my community that has a new home side and a used home side. The owner has been in business for 30 years and has outlasted just about everyone else in these parts even though her prices are outrageous. I did business with her once and neither I nor the residents want to do it again. Now, I send potential residents to her to compare my prices with hers.

Here’s the interesting part: Both her lots, new and used, are so packed with homes she cannot physically fit another one onto either lot. In 4 years time, I have never seen her lots so full. Now, while not someone I care for, I have to give the owner credit for knowing the mh business. She does no floor financing as all purchases are made with her own cash. This, I’m sure, allows her to pick up good deals but it means there is a ton of money tied up in inventory. My only conclusion is that she is expecting a really good coming year and is planning ahead for it. Has anyone else seen this?


Wheat Hill