800 or local numbers - Separate number for filling lots?

I keep seeing parks with local numbers. Is there a marketing/visibility advantage here? I’m also trying to fill a park. When tenants call me, I never pick up. I check the VMs and call back if necessary. On the contrary, if an interested renter calls, I want to pick that call up immediately and learn everything I can. My highway sign gets calls so should that be a different number than the regular park number?

You should have one local number for your park.  Use Grasshopper.com.  If you park comes with a phone number, great.  You can (usually) have Grasshopper take it over and stop paying AT&T or whomever the previous telco was.  Or you can drop the park’s number and have Grasshopper get you a new, free number in your area code and prefix.  You then set up a call tree within Grasshopper; it’s a ‘virtual PBX.’  Callers can press x0 to hear a recording of hours and directions, or x1 to reach your primary phone answerer, or x2 to reach your manager, or x3 for 'corporate headquarters.'Good luck,-jl-

Thanks Jefferson