57 year old park

Im getting this park at a good deal and am about to start the due diligence process but im worried about the structure of the park… It has below ground power, with city water, and sewer. What are some of the structural things that I should take a closer look at during my due diligence process

This isn’t a plug but did you buy the course with the due diligence check list?


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This is a plug :joy:

You should buy the course with the due diligence check list if you have done so already :slight_smile:


Seriously, you really only know positively how good the deal is WHEN you sell it. When we had buyers chasing us about on of one our parks and one buyer say ‘Will you take your asking price?’ we knew from the buyers we had made a great deal years ago. Time change and we find some parks are in the past, some in the present, and some great for the future. We are presently watching a market that was red hot in the 70’s become outdated and newer beautiful parks taken their business away. We have done DD on 5 parks in the past 8 months and find normally within 3 days if it is a winner or ball buster. If this is your first you need another experienced operator to help in the iffy area. Actually the last part took two hours of DD to understand the park and problems, but needed to be onsite to do that with the owner coming back with a much lower price since we indicated the problems but we did not need problems–so we walked.

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