3rd party rural water providers

Has anyone ever used these services? Looking at a deal where water is brought from the main MSA/city water to service the park. I haven’t come across this before. Park apparently tests the water even though it comes from nearest major city 15 min away (350k MSA population).

My RV Park has the water provided through a “Special Utility District” and then the City provides the Sewer service. The SUD shares my water consumption with the City to calculate the Sewer bill.

It’s weird, but it works. The SUD performs all EPA required testing so we don’t perform anything in addition to that. I don’t think a City utility would be exempt from that so it’s odd to me the Park is doing the testing too…

This is in a town of 700 people, within an MSA of 100K.


Interesting. There is public sewer here so could be similar arrangement. And also appears to be a “quasi-governmental” party in this case.