25 yr old septic, arobic replacement?

I am currently under contract on a 40 space mobile home park in texas. It has5.1 acres and 20 septic systems that were installed in 1971-73. 10 of the septic tanks are concrete. 10 are Hancor. I have an adjacent 1.7 acres I can buy with the park . Wth the existing septic systems 27 years old, their effective life may be limited. I am currently trying to get information on the past ocpancy he park as it currently has 20 empty spaces. I believe some of the spaces have never been used and thus some of the systems have never been used.Currently there are no reports of problems with any of the systems.The park has City water . My concern is that the exsisting septic systems could fail and then I may find myself in a situation where I need to take trailers out of the park If I add trailers.I am considering my options of using an aerobic septic master system as to bring these systems up to current code would force me to look at reduceing the number of trailers to as low as 10. This board has always been a good sounding board so any help would be greatly appreciated

                                                Greg Burgeson

I don’t think anyone here can tell you anything other than have the septic system checked out by a licensed inspector. You should also talk to the county and the nearest town/city about this. Can you get city sewer? Why is the park empty? What kind of new zoning has gone into place since 1973?

good luck,