21st Park Approval - Taking a long time

Hi All,

I’ve been looking at getting my park approved through 21st, but the process is taking FOREVER. I think I had all my documents submitted back in October, and each time I call its “nothing yet”.

Is anyone else experiencing this? I’m trying to be patient, and if the answer is just “wait it out” then so be it, but if anyone has suggestions on how to help expedite, I’d be interested in hearing it.

The process always takes a long time. This might be an extreme case though. Might be worth pushing a little harder to understand why.


I am still working on the application.
It’s a lot of brain damage.

I am waffling on following through as I have heard through the grapevine that I will not be able to get any new homes anyhow. So what’s the point?

I wouldn’t make 21st your only option. Contact companies like TRIAD to see how they can help you as well.

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Unfortunately you’re right. For Maine we are closest to Marlette PA and Titan in NY…I was told by Titan that they are only delivering homes to their top 50 buyers and that I can’t get one single home from them until 2024. Marlette is allocating homes based on what you bought last year, so I’m getting exactly 2 homes for 2022. Glad I postponed my 31 lot expansion :laughing:

I have the same situation. I submitted in October and was contacted in November that my park no longer met the criteria. It seems they changed it from a specific number of vacant lots to just total lots (>50). I think the representative I have been working with was trying to get me in as I originally started the process before the change and I have a good deal of vacant lots to fill for a small park. I have not heard anything back since November.

I reached out to a few local MH dealers and they told me 6-12 months for a new home all they needed was a $1,000 deposit.

I am working up a plan to buy a few homes.

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That’s pretty good, hopefully they’re not putting a huge markup on them.

I am sure they are going to charge me a premium. Ugg.
Being in CA I have to get a Dealer’s license to buy direct from the Factory.

Typically, I pay $1,000 per section over cost, but that was pre-covid.

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Good luck! I’m curious to know how it goes. I have a dealer license but it’s no good if I can’t get anything until 2024.

How do yo get dealer license

It varies state to state. In Maine you have to apply on line through the manufactured housing board website.

Thanks for the info MikeO

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They finally declined my application (not enough lots, as I only have 38). Luckily, I was expecting this, I just kind of wished Greg would have told me back in September or October rather than dragging this out.

Although part of me is curious what would happen if I just divided some of my lots to get me up to 50… :wink:

Anyway, thought I’d close the loop on this one.