20% Passive return, exactly how would this work

I am currently in the process of changing my SEP-IRA to a self directed IRA. I am looking at investing in several first trust deeds or working with a broker on some hard money loans. I ran across this website and read this post by tc4Gold that caught me attention,

tc4Gold said,

I have now found other sources of repo’s that are a lot cheaper and that I can resell on terms to bring an investor a 20% passive return I just need investors now. So if any one knows of any please let me know. tc4gold@gmail.com.

I have people wanting 3 bedrrom homes with terms…

Exactly how would an investor like myself get a return of 20%, what security would an investor like myself have if I had to foreclose on the property,would the mobile home park owner guarantee the loan? Are contracts written where the investor is not liable for the unpaid lot rent?

I have read the book by Lonnie Scruggs, but I never could see making much money dealing in a park that you did not own and also be responsible for the lot rent if the owner of the mobile home failed to pay the lot rent. It would seem to me the mobile home park owner would be more than

willing to work with a Lonnie dealer since it would be like getting a co-signer for the lot rent.

Another post indicated that you could purchase new mobile homes for around $20K,which would be attractive to an investor like myself, however

unless I owned a mobile home park I cannot see how the numbers would even work out, except for the mobile home park getting his space rent.which is good for the owner but not for the investor.

I do not desire to purchase a mobile home park as I am getting ready to retire and just want to earn more on my retirement accounts. If you mobile home park owners had a clear cut investment plan there is a lot of money out there in these retirement accounts, I have been putting in about $45,000 per year several years.

I have just began looking into the different investments and has listened to a few of the Etrust self-directd Ira webinars which provide some good information on investing.

More information on passive investments would be appreciated, if they exist in the mobile home business.