20+ Lot park, CW/CS in NW GA

Have a park that we purchased 3 years ago. Working partner was supposed to refurbish handful of homes, trash the old ones, and I was going to buy new ones and fill up park. Done nothing, but now promising he will go there (he is 1.5 hours away), this week, but been too busy last 3 years. I am cutting him off of what was a great opportunity. I am selling it as I hold the majority of it. Opportunity gone for him, I will happily give it to next guy/gal. I have purchased individual City water meters ($22,000), city will install if they have someone reliable to work with. No residents in park now. Quiet spot, 3-Br rent for $1000 and 2-BR rent for $710-$725 in this town.

Can you send me more details about this park. I already own two in NW GA and am looking for more, but need to know the exact location. lgolden@evergreentx.com

Would love to hear about your opportunity. Can you email me? Darver@gmail.com Thanks!

I’d love to see details on the park and location if still available. Thanks!