142 pad Texas MHP/RV park - Just west of Beaumont, TX - $21K per pad

Hello all. I have a contract assignment for two parks close to Beaumont, Texas.

Combined they have
142 pads
75 RV pads
67 MH pads
City utilities

These are two separate parks that are adjacent to each other

1st park - 41 lots Mix of RV and MH - 24 full
13 POH -Lot rents $340 - $390 on POH
11 TOH - $295 on TOH

2nd park - 101 pads
75 RV spaces – nets $200 per space after expenses but there are some long term and short term residents. Market rents for RV are 400-450

26 MHP spaces all metered – rent some $180, $190, $200 depending on how long they’ve lived there.

Both parks combined gross $373,200 yearly. NOI is 223,000. The buyer can raise the NOI to $290-300K with a lot rent increase and sub metering one of the two parks.

Asking 3.1M, this includes my fee. If you would like financials please email or call me.