14 ft vs 16 ft Mobile Homes

Hi Guys,

Have anybody recently experience purchasing 14ft homes for there park? I was told noboby is making 14ft.There are making 16ft mobile homes only. Any answers to question would be great.


Who are you getting your information from? I think it may be best if you contacted some dealers or better yet, the manufacturers directly. I know from a conversation with Fleetwood last week that they are still offering 14ft wides.

Are 14’s going the way of 12’s? Has anyone heard of an 18’ singlewide yet?

Thanks for response.The question was obtain from a potential investor/partner regarding a MHP for acquisition.I will be contacting some manufacturers/dealers direct.

18’ wides have been around for over 20 years but as far as I know only TX, OK, NM will allow 18’ wide loads to be transported in their states. By the way the 16’ wides are much more common in these states.