12 x 60?

Reviewing a park that is fairly new - 15 years, nice looking homes with com fete streets and street lights. Owner stated lots will hold 14 x 70 however most homes are 12 x 60. What years were these homes produced?


They are either from the 1970’s or are FEMA homes (possibly built within the last decade). What state is this park in?


Then it’s probably the 1970s option. I asked because if it was in Louisiana or another hurricane area, I’d expect it to be FEMA.

Yea I guess the pictures were of the new homes however most homes are this age. … Keep shaking the bushes to see what calls out

If the park was built in the last 15 years, you need to get photos of the actual homes, because it’s also possible the seller is an idiot and meant to write 14’ and not 12’ width. Would not be the first time.

Ha Ha , this is a broker I had to call back 4 times jjust to get a confidentially agreement , the homes do look a little narrow in he pics but the condition looks to be excellent (much newer)

I will revisit the sales brochure, nice park with concrete streets lights landscaping … Can’t figure out why the older homes