100 % LTV on commercial real estate

Hi everyone,

We know a bank in New York which offers an exclusive creative financing structure, available no where else

which allows investors to obtain 100 % LTV financing on commercial real estate. Closing cost can also be covered if the subject deal allows for it.

All deals which are being offered for below appraised value

can achieve 100 % financing. Which means almost no out of pocket expenses to close the deal.

We need a USA based partner with a good fico score who can qualify for a primary commercial mortgage,

then we can achieve 100 % financing together. Our source will provide the downpayment funds with a unique financing structure which has been successfully used for 9 years now.

Are there parks which are being offered for below appraised value in this current market ?

20 % below is all we need to be able to achieve 100 % LTV. This program also allows for secondary seller financing to be incoporated into the program to achieve even more leverage.

If there are any investors who are interested in a partnership utilizing this high leverage financing program together and who know they can qualify for a primary commercial mortgage please let us know.

Send an email to my partner Remi at : remi@placeoverseas.com

Put “Partnership” in the subject line.

We will then some PDF files with more information about this program and our partnership proposal.