10 unit park with management company

I have a small 10 unit park, generating around 25k in noi annually. I have been paying a local real estate company to manage the property, and pay them 8% of my gross receipts every month. I live around 3 hours away from the property. I went down recently and found the common area grass uncut, the garbage dumpster a complete mess and seemed like everything was looking pretty shabby. I realize that all they are doing is collecting rent and taking calls for vacant. I now have 3 vacant homes in the park, counting the double wide I pulled in last week. It is time to move the needle. Do I need to take over the management of the park? I am considering changing all my advertising to my phone number so I can at least get a feel for how much activity I am getting. I feel like I have let things slip a little and it is time to get things back on track. Please, any advice from a fellow investor who has found themselves in this position?