Willing to pay 6-7 cap for SD/ND/MN/IA/WI/MI Parks


I’m willing to pay up for anything on public utilities. Ideally over 40 lots, but the bigger the better. PM me. Have $10 million of equity I’m looking to put to work. Also willing to look at others’ deals / partnerships.


I have two parks in MI. Both Lake Michigan coastal communities. All public utilities. One is presently being sub-metered for water/sewer. Total of 76 lots and 18 apartments. Occupancy approx 90% on lots. 100% on apartments. Combined rent roll approx $40K/month. I wasn’t planning on selling but could be interested at a 6 cap.


Hello. I am working on a 13 acre MHP in Florida in which we are looking to raise equity for that project. This is a new project that will have 85 home sites for sale on leased ground. Great area and very strong rent potential. Please send me an email if there is an interest at dbpsu25@gmail.com


I own a park in the Bakken Oil Field in North Dakota serviced city utilities. We installed a new water system that includes thermostatically heated water risers to insure no frozen water lines even in the harshest winters. Additionally, we installed an entire new sewer system, park lighting and vinyl privacy fencing. Each unit will be sub-metered for water and sewer and is serviced by a 200 amp electric meter. The park is located in a town where Meridian Energy just broke ground on the first ground up refinery to be built in the U.S. in the past 40 years. This is the first refinery in the world that is permitted as a minor air pollution source due to it’s closed loop design and is the model for all new refineries to be built worldwide . This project is bringing 500 workers to a town of 800 people with no available local housing. The park is currently licensed by the State and has a City Zoning Ordinance in place authorizing the operation as a Mobile Home Park.
There are several years of projects planned around this local area and is located at a major transportation hub.
The infrastructure is new since construction and ready to move in the mobile homes. The lot rents will be $800/month based on historical rates in this town. This is an ideal setup to lease the entire park for corporate housing for the prime contractors. We would consider a reasonable cash offer. If interested contact Dave at ladsud@aol.com


I have a 26 space park in Albuquerque, NM. Would sell around 7-8 cap. Email animascommunities@gmail.com if interested.


Would you mind sharing what was the cost to build, on a per lot basis? I assume it was contracted out? Or were you the general contractor yourself?