Which option is better


We have an abandoned home in our park. It has been abandoned for years by owner but a room mate has stayed and payed the lot rent. Now room mate has moved out and trailer is just sitting there.

Is it better to try to track down owner and get a bill of sale from them or send an abandoned trailer letter out and put it in Sheriffs auction? I believe the trailer needs a lot of work, but judging by our market I do believe we could sell for a few thousand.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!!


The abandonment process is not that expensive, just takes time. You will have to contact the owner through that process anyway so just get on with it. If you do happen to reach the owner you can negotiate a sale.


I’m just turn it over to our attorney and, magically, she gets titles for me. I just received my 7th one today. Any abandoned home - turns into a park-owned home that I can fix up and sell. No vacant lots. Good return on investment. I’m in missouri. Not sure if this would work in every state.