What to look for when direct mailing park owners from county list


Hi, my question, when I am doing my direct mailing, what should be the criteria when I am looking at the owners list I got from the county. For example should I mail to only parks with peoples names as owners or entities also ? What is the cut off year that i shouldn’t mail to the person example say they bought it 5 years ago, is this okay to mail to or should it be like they had to have owned it for longer? Is there any other things I should use as guidelines also ? I’m just wondering because going to start soon. Any help would be appreciated.


I do all of them. Even if I can’t afford it, or it doesn’t meet my criteria, then I can assign it.


I mail them all. Have a conversation. A letter and a phone call are very inexpensive.


Mail them all, but look at each individual LLC to find alt. addresses to mail to. Including the names of members, who you can mail directly. The KEY is not mailing. The key is in calling them, after you mail them. So find the right people to call, then use the BeenVerified app or some other skip tracing app to find the principal’s phone numbers. Call them regularly; build a relationship. It could take 2-3 years to get that relationship built with the owners that they think of YOU when it comes time to sell.