What to do about dogs?


Buying a park in NC that has 54 lots and about 1/3 have tenants with dogs, kennels, etc. I believe I saw some “restricted breads.”

Looking for advice on how to deal with this.

They are all TOHs.


In these high numbers - the tenants do not feel safe, so they have dogs to act as a security system.

Make the park safe (e.g. get rid of the deadbeat tenants, crime, etc) and then you can tell the story why people no longer need to have dogs not meeting your insurance company’s criteria.

This is usually easier said than done, so if the MHP is in a really bad area then you should consider if this is the type of business you want to own - sometimes this cannot be (reasonably) fixed.


This is a big issue and there are lots of discussions on this forum about it. I would first go around and see what dogs they own and then make plans for those that have breeds that insurance won’t cover. Obviously it could be an issue that current park management/owner isn’t taking care of it and ignoring the park rules. Or maybe the park has never had rules so the tenants have no idea. I would get with the current owner and go over this. You can even show him when he gives you a copy of his insurance policy that in bold type it states “NO DOGS …”. Let him take care of it first and hold him accountable. If he doesn’t this is one of those park ownership moments that suck. You will have to start getting rid of tenants/dogs that aren’t covered and unfortunately you are going to have to “kill some hostages” (not literally) to get point across and watch the others start getting rid of their dogs. Also be prepared for one of them to talk to the others and many of these also all of a sudden become “emotional support dogs”.


I’m going to start with assumption that the rules aren’t being enforced and I don’t see it changing duothe interim.

Place in my rules that restricted breeds aren’t allowed.

Then go around and address these cases, make them carry additional insurance if they want to keep it and pay additional fee, or get rid of the dog.
How many do you think would leave the park vs give up the dog?