What size home for infill?

Hello, I’m under contract on a 90 lot park in Tucson AZ and I want to get opinions on what size homes to infill the park with. The current homes sit back off the park road about 30 feet and most home are 40-66’ so I have the following questions:

  1. There are at least 20 pads I plan on infilling homes with so my question is should I infill with smaller 64-66’ homes or go with the larger 76-80’ homes? I think there will be more demand for the larger homes but aesthetically the park won’t look as good if a 76’ home is sticking out 10’ farther than the neighboring 66’ home.

  2. If I do go with the 66’ home what can I do with the large 30’ dirt area in front of the house? Currently the tenants are parking all over the place because there is so much room in front of the house instead of parking on the side of the home.

3. Some tenants have built wood carports in front of the homes and it doesn’t look good. Can I make them take down those carports?

I’m sure others with more experience will chime in, but test the market to determine what it wants. Regarding putting shorter homes in vs longer homes, besides your park, what types of homes in the market? You could also bring one of each in and see which the market prefers and how they sell. That will hopefully begin to tell you what you should fill the park with.

Regarding with parking, assuming it’s truly an issue, park rules which are enforced should help.

On the taking down carports, talk to your lawyer on what you can and can’t do.