Well water park operators


Did a search but not much I could find on well water parks. Anyone operate a park with well water? Is it worth the extra risk. What kind of expenses would I expect?


We do, also have our own septic. I know it isn’t ideal but it’s been working for us. Do you have any knowledge of the well’s history? I’d have no problem buying another property with one but the majority of investors on this site wouldn’t even consider it…they’re also alot more experienced than me :joy:


Haven’t gotten into the well history yet. I grew up on well water and never really seemed that big of a deal to me.


Are you self managing the property?


It’s a park I’m considering and would self manage. I’d like to set up a local service company to service and keep the well up.


One of mine is on well water. It costs me average $425/month for electric, testing, and chlorine on a 101 pad community. Our quarterly testing ranks higher than the municipality the park is located in. This particular system is very easy and in good condition. It’s located in South Louisiana so there’s no concern of the well running dry.

On the other hand I looked at a park a few years back that had a well and the entire system was in horrible shape, scared me away quickly. I think it depends on the condition and what you’re willing to take on as an owner/manager. No one wants to be the next Flint, Michigan.


Great to know…do you utilize a company to do the testing and maintaining of the well?


I have a certified operator who we pay $250/month for operating. He has taught my manager how to run the system on a regular basis and my manager calls him when the rare issue comes up.


Thanks Kris! Big help!