Web Site for Repos in North Carolina


Do any NC MH investors know of a web site that advertises Repos in NC such as a website for Vanderbilt or Green Tree.




Vandy is here

Greentree Corporate Recovery here:

Customer Service

Phone Number: (866) 270-3285

Fax Number: (480) 383-0800 or

(866) 298-5424

Service Hours: 7am-8pm CST M-F

7am-1pm CST Sat

Maybe fax greentree for your rep in NC…expect delays…phone calls never work in FL…ever…good luck


Thanks Greg…I appreciate it.


Scott Mann


Two more…

Origen repos


21st Mortgage repos


Regarding Greentree, I have added the address listed below. You will also need to call (as Greg said) and get added to the bid list for your area. Their site requires you have the account number of the item you want to bid on.