Water & Sewer Sub Metering

I’m looking into sub metering both of my mobile home parks located in SC for water and sewer. I’ve been reaching out to companies that do this and now I would like to see if any of you could share some positive and negative experiences with me. Also recommendation would be greatly appreciated.

I am not to sure of the laws in regards to this in SC but I would check with the water and sewer companies first and see if you can get it done through them, its probably going to take some re-piping to get done but in the end, its well worth it. Out in here in California, they have special PUC programs that assist with moving already sub metered utilities to the street end of the home. Very costly thing to do depending on the size of the park so I would seek out some help.

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We have been submetering properties with WiFi meters lately, and the process went well. We chose to install the meters on our own because we wanted to inspect heat tape and insulation in the process and because there was a backlog with the contractor. We focused on WiFi metering because we have much better control over the meter reading. Onsite managers sometimes “forget” to read the meters, so when invoice time comes, we were scrambling to request the reads. Also, when the snow is deep, it is hard to manually read meters, but this is not an issue with WiFi.

Our project started months in advance of the installation by putting new leases in place that included a provision for tenants paying water and sewer and the meter fee. Then, we sent a letter letting tenants know we were about to put meters on their home. After metering, we told tenants we would give them a 2 week trial meter read and extrapolate the monthly estimated invoice amount. We then gave them 10 days to reduce usage or repair leaks. Then, we gave them another 2 week trial meter read before invoicing. We found average usage dropped by 41% between the trial periods. Now we invoice each month from the 20th to the 20th and mail invoices on the 22nd so they receive it before rent is due.

You may find that tenants are upset for a period of time, but that dissipates quickly.


Thanks for the information.

Thanks mPark for the information.

Contact Metron Metering and let them know you are a Frank & Dave forum member. Frank swears by them.

Thanks jaydub I will see what they have to offer.

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We handle sub-metering services through out the US. We also work with third part data collector/ meter reading companies, like Metron.

"We’re here to answer your sub-metering questions"

We provide sub-meter services for commercial and multi-tenant properties. Please let me know if we can help.

Could you email me at richardgoldmanparkgroup@gmail.com

Could you email me at richardgoldmanparkgroup@gmail.com