Water Meters Needed- Which are best


Ok… we cry “Uncle”!!

City has finally started metering our park as a whole instead of just a flat rate per home. We thought we would be OK cost wise at first but several months in and the need to meter individual homes is significant.

Here are some basics about our situation that may help in narrowing down any advice you can provide.

  • We live quite a long ways away from our park so it is impossible for us to check the meters ourselves. We do have a park ‘overseer’ who could do it for us.
  • The meters themselves would have to be under each individual trailer with locations varying with each home due to it’s age and water hookup location. Crawling under each home every month is not a good solution… so we need something we can check via a wand or some other way.
  • Are there meters that have the control flow meters under the trailer but the readouts at the exterior of the trailer? That may be a really dumb question but worth the ask I suppose.
  • I have heard there are meters out there that can be hooked up via internet and monitored remotely. That would be great but service is spotty out there and we would need satellite service with a dish and boosters I would imagine. Not an out of the question deal but just an fyi.

Best meter out there???

Thanks all
Washington State


Hi Roger!
I think most here would point you towards Metron Metering. They allow for remote reading and data upload via cell networks. The main receiver/sending until can be mounted in one of the “good” spots with cell service. You simply login to the website and view the usage of each meter.

Contact Rick here: rick.minogue@metron-s2.com

This is the sales copy from a recent email I received from them as well, just for reference. Good luck!

Quick overview:
· We can install the meters – they have a battery powered am radio that broadcasts 1x per hour to the Gateway
· Our meters are wireless. There is no need for on-site personnel to read the meters, or for our staff to do a “drive by” to collect data
· A Gateway will be installed on the property, 1 Gateway per up to 200-300 meters. The gateway is powered by battery
· The gateway stores hourly consumption data from each meter
· At 1am, the Gateway sends the previous 24 hours of consumption data to Waterscope, our web portal via the Verizon Network
· Our meters and Gateway do not need an on-site power source or on-site internet access
· Our meters provide leak detection and high usage alerts
· We maintain the meters for the life of the contract (baring abuse by the client)
· You will have access to the online portal, Waterscope, including a tutorial and support. The system is intuitive and gives amazing data to the user and property owner. Access can be shared with on-site personnel and we can also create reports and do billing.
· We are flexible on what you need from us. The main thing is that we don’t do collections or handle money for our clients