WA Off-market 51 Unit Park for Assignment

We will be assigning a park I have under contract. The park is located on the coast of WA in Ocean Park and is turn-key/immaculate with no capital expenditures needed. Property is 34 RV lots, 11 mobile home lots, 4 plex, 1 BD home, and 3 bedroom home where the full time on-site manager resides and wants to stay on. All long term tenants. Rents are $100-$150 below market. 9% CAP at purchase and can be raised to 12 CAP after year or 2 of bringing rents to market.

Drop a line with your email or message me if interested and I will send packet.

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Hi Nick,
Interested. Please send me more info. Thanks.

I am interested. Please send me your info packet.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Whats your email? I will send packet over.

Whats your email and I will send it over.

I’d be interested in taking a look… justinbushparks@gmail.com

Interested. Please send to mike.cleveland787@gmail.com.

I am interested also please email info to wgdecker@gmail.com

I’m interested. Please send a packet.


I’m interested could you send me more information bigsnook223@hotmail.com

I’m interested. Please send me the details to dmeldrum3@hotmail.com.

Hi SeattleNick, Could you send me the information as well.

Please send details to: rich@ps-gc.com

This Park has been assigned. Congrats Marta.

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Hi, SeattleNick, We would like more info when you have it available. Please send to AIM.Properties@outlook.com. Thank you

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Hey @SeattleNick we are interested. Please send info to nickyale@hotmail.com

I am interested. Please send the packet. Thanks

I am interested. felipedmaturino@gmail.com

If it is still available I’d like to take a look. FYI I’m in a 1031 exchange and I need to ID a property in 3 weeks.

Farmer John–just walking away from a park we had a contract on (to many buyers in the park business) and been doing it for over 35 years. We just sold a park for a crazy price and doing a 1031 but instead are under contract for a triple net property with a plus 6 cap and have NO, yes, NO management responsibilities just a nice big fat check–never thought we would change our business model. Have also farmed in MO. and raised on a dairy farm in MI. Some states also have NO income tax. Glad to help!!1