Violations on siding


If a tenant has his whole house with no siding what so ever on it and I violate him and he tells me he cant afford to get it fixed and he wouldnt spend the money on it anyway. Do I violate and if its not fixed evict a long standing paying tenant. Or violate and if its not fixed pay to have it done? if i pay to have it done if he doenst pay and I evict him then whats going to happen. I lose my money on siding>?


violate ???

Serve notice and proceed with eviction if the standards of your community are of value to you. Long standing, paying rent…irrelevant when enforcing community rules.

The tenant can sell his home to a applicant you screen with the condition that the home be sided before they move in.
I would not get involved in financing the homeowner.
If you do not enforce your community rules you should remove the items not enforced.