Vinyl Fencing around Community

We are going to put up white vinyl fencing around our community and would like different opinions.
What are your opinions on how many rails should there be? Where did you purchase them from? How tall should the fence be?

White 3 rail vinyl fence about 4’ high is the way to go. I had a local fence company furnish and install mine.


Hi Peggy,

We installed three-rail vinyl siding back in 2008/2009 and it looks as good today as it did when it was first installed. If you go to the 2:45 mark on this video clip you can see the product/install. Where this park is located in Minnesota it gets extremely high winds at times and we did not want to risk a more solid vinyl fence becoming a sail and ripping out of the ground.

We purchased the materials from a company that had very competitive pricing back then called Gardner Fence.
Anyone can purchase from them and they will ship anywhere.

We looked in Craigslist to find a fence installer who charged us $4/lf for 2,400 linear feet. The fence installer is still a professional fence installer today located in Minnesota called Dan’s Fence. He has good/mixed reviews and if properly supervised he can get the job done to your satisfaction so our experience was mixed.

We also installed Solid white vinyl fencing at another community in Oregon and the vendor for both labor and materials was Butte Fence.

Good Luck!

TV_Gardner_Fence_Deposit_031408.pdf (74.4 KB)


How tall is the fence on your property?

Good question as I have not been out there for the last two years, but I think the posts are 8 feet and about 3 feet are buried so maybe about 5 feet out of the ground?