Utility company wants to charge me annually for services not rendered


I just got a stack of contracts and bills from the electrical company at one of my parks. They are for the parks 10 vacant lots. Each bill is for $315.50. I am to sign a contract saying I am choosing to pay this annual “Idle Service Rate” rather then have the electrical facilities removed.


I’ve owned the park for 4 years. This is the fist time this has come up. Have any of you guys heard of this one; having to pay a fee for no services rendered?


I pay a small fee each month for city fees and meter fees. It totals about $14.77 a month for each meter whether the lot is occupied or not. Guess I won’t complain about mine anymore.


Do they charge a meter fee when then there is no meter on the pedestal?


What “facilities” would they remove? Is it enough to deter you?


I think they pull the wires out and then charge me to put them back in.


no. they never remove the meter between homes. it is on a master account and reverts back to me automatically. If they removed the meter I would have to go back through all the permitting process for each move-in. THAT would be terrible.